Mobile Foam Unit (MF 100 & 120)

Mobile Foam Unit (MF 100 & 120)

It is a self contained cart, designed for rapid deployment of foam to fire. The unit is suitable both for indoor and outdoor fire situations as well as for enclosed area used for storage of hazardous materials. It is very effective and convenient way to applying foam during a fire emergency.

The unit is ideal for the protection of oil storage and loading terminals, paint and solvent stores, boiler rooms, ships’ engine rooms, helipads, airfields, oil rigs, generator rooms, industrial sites and similar high risk locations.

We at Haseen Habib, offer you the refined units, with perfect handling and mobility. This versatile unit is constructed both in stainless steel or fiber glass. The unit is suitable for use with Protein 3% or AFFF or Flouroprotein. The service Time for one fill remains 15 minutes approx for MF-100 & 18 min Approx for MF 120, while the foam throw remains 16-20 m (52-65 ft) @ 7 bar (in still air).

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